Cheryl Cole's Irish fast food craving sees her get free kebabs for life!

Cheryl Cole

Former X Factor judge Cheryl Cole has reportedly been offered free kebabs for life from Dublin's Abrakebabra fast food outlet after craving their apparent meaty goodness. Chezza has been honoured by the kebab shop after endorsing their meals in an interview.

Cheryl allegedly said: There is a kebab shop in Dublin called Abrakebabra which is good after a night out."

A company source off Abra's told the Daily Star earlier this week: "Everyone’s really excited that Cheryl is a big fan."


"Some of the local shops have put up pictures of her and have been telling customers she’s a huge fan."

The insider added: "Cheryl comes over to Dublin a lot. She can just walk around without people hassling her. She’s well known for going to the chippy back in Newcastle and now she’s snubbing posh food in Ireland too."

A spokesperson confirmed Cheryl would be joining U2 frontman Bono and actor Colin Farrell in receiving an Abrakebabra gold card. "Louis Walsh will be delivering Cheryl’s gold card over to her in the UK," they joked.

A lovely uplifting song for Friday night and a bonus for Abrakebabra's marketing department...

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