Hypocrites The Wanted blast The X Factor, JLS and One Direction


Boy group The Wanted have slammed the likes of The X Factor and the groups it has produced - including JLS and One Direction. The four-piece said they were glad they didn't come from the hit reality show - despite two of their members trying out, and failing on the ITV1 series.

Max George told the Daily Star: "JLS say they can drink, but they can't. Give them four glasses of champagne and all they do is take their tops off and start prancing around having a dance-off. It's true.

"Maybe it's an insecurity about how long they will last."


(That'd be the same Max George from The Wanted who all stripped off for Gay Times magazine)

Max also said he was glad The Wanted did not come from The X Factor - even though the band was manufactured and formed through auditions held by music managers not dissimilar from those on the show.

"We are glad we are not an X Factor band. One Direction, where are they now?" he moaned.

Max continued: "It's nice that we are a band who started with nothing. The X Factor is just for that moment and we did not want to be trapped."

The reason Max is so against the show may be because he did try out for The X Factor back in 2006, as part of a group called 'Avenue', but they were disqualified for 'cheating' after it emerged they had already signed a management deal.

Watch Louis Walsh kick Max and his group off the programme below...

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