Louis Walsh gushes over 'incredible' and 'talented' Tulisa Conostavlos

Louis Walsh

It's fair to say X Factor 2011 judges Louis Walsh and Tulisa Contostavlos have really hit it off, with the Irish music mogul this week gushing over the N-Dubz singer, praising her for being incredible, talented, funny, hard working and down to off! We think it's fair to say, Louis is a little bit fond of her!

He says: "We hit it off from the second we met. This girl is so real and talented. She's really incredible.

"She makes me laugh so much. She keeps me up all night before the auditions cracking jokes, she's a whirlwind of energy."

Louis continued to heap praise on the hip hop star, continuing to Closer magazine: "She's no diva. She's not about all the attention being on her - she just gets stuck in.

"She’s so sussed. She’s just so honest and so real – I can’t believe how much I like her."


He added: "What I really like about her is that she is not needy at all. People have been reading a lot about Tulisa, that she’s this and that, but I can tell you she’s so down to earth and normal."

The pair seem to have rubbished SImon Cowell's predicitons, who previously suggested we would see rows between them. Cowell had said: "I have a feeling Louis and Tulisa will have slightly different points of view as to what the next star should look and sound like."

Forutnately for Louis, Tulisa was just as kind about him! "Me and Louis are definitely new BFFs, we get along really well,” she said. “With me being the youngest judge and a new judge he kind of mentored me and helped me get into the swing of things and get used to the role.”

But Louis wasn't sure that Tulisa would get on as well with Kelly as she has with him!

He blabbed: "I can definitely see them clashing big time when the live shows start. They're both very determined and strong in their views, which is exactly what The X Factor needed."

Louis, Kelly, Tulisa and Gary Barlow make their debut as The X Factor 2011 panel later this year.

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