'Fed up' Dannii Minogue quits the UK as work dries up following X Factor axe

Dannii Minogue

Dannii Minogue is reportedly set to leave the UK for good, after her axe from The X Factor earlier this year left her with little work here. The Aussie popstar apparently wants to settle down in Australia after her declining popularity and fame meant few future opportunities for her career.

Dannii was forced to quit the show before auditions started after dates moved to fit in with new judge Gary Barlow’s schedule meant Dannii faced clashes with Australia’s Got Talent down under.

Speaking previously, Dannii told a pal she probably made a “huge mistake” when choosing to leave the show.

“Taking that decision was the hardest decision of my professional career but they left me no choice,” the singer told the friend. “I know it’s probably a huge mistake and, believe me, everybody I work with has been trying to talk me around.”


This week a source told Reveal magazine: "Dannii's always love being int he limelight, but she's fed up with how she's been treated in the last six months, and it's left a bitter taste in her mouth. She's told her friends that she now plans to stay in Australia for good.

"Kylie is upset by Dannii's decision. She spends virtually all her time in the UK and loves having her little sister around and her nephew to dote on."

Insiders close to the former X Factor judge went on to claim that Dannii had seen offers for work dry up since leaving the UK's most watched TV show.

The source continued: "Being dropped by The X Factor was a real blow for Dannii. She wanted to put an album out earlier this year on the back of her fame, and had even talked a joint tour."

They added: "She was the darling of the nation."

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