Cheryl Cole 'doesn't believe' the latest claims from girls about Ashley!

Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole apparently 'doesn't believe' the claims from three girls alleging they hooked up with her ex-husband Ashley while he was trying to win her back. According to heat magazine, Chezza thinks the stories from the trio are full of holes because only she knows the 'real' Ashley.

Models Colette McBarron, Jessyca Rayanne and air stewardess Kerry Meades all claimed they had been with the footie star earlier this year at the same time he was wooing back Cheryl Cole and buying her intimate gifts for her 28th birthday.

But Cheryl doesn't buy their allegations.

"The story didn’t ring true for Cheryl," a source said. "Ashley is massively over-the-top about tidiness and cleanliness. One girl described his room as a tip and Cheryl knew that wasn’t like Ashley. What’s more he had a cleaner there every day.


“Cheryl knows how he is at home too, always emptying ashtrays, straightening the cushions and making everything tidy. She sees so many flaws in this girl’s story.”

And Ashley even brought in court-style exhibits to plead his case in front of Cheryl. The source continued: “Ashley showed a picture of the interior of the house to Cheryl, which clearly showed there was no spiral staircase referred to by the girl in her story."

The source added: "Cheryl and Ashley love each other.”

Pals of the couple added that Ashley told her: “Don’t listen to anyone, it’s just you and me. They’re out to get me and you know it. Don’t let anyone take away what we’ve got.”

He apparently added: "We've made it through all this cap, so we can get through anything."


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