Oooooh, Belle Amie say Rebecca Ferguson has been snubbing them!

Rebecca Ferguson

We've always had Rebecca Ferguson down as such a charming woman, the thought of her snubbing some of last year's finalists - perhaps Katie and Wagner aside - just doesn't sound like her! According to Belle Amie however, she's been ignoring them since the show ended...

The girl group, who are now a three piece after shedding Geneva Lane in January of this year, told OK! magazine this week that she's the only finalist they're not in contact with, apart from Matt Cardle (but he has a good excuse!).

"We’ve spoken to Paije – he invited us round for tea but we haven’t got back to him yet – and we’ve spoken to Treyc, One Direction’s Niall and FYD," the group - consisting of Esther Campbell, Sophia Wardman and Rebecca Creighton - explained.


"Matt changed his number because of One Direction putting it on Twitter! I haven’t spoken to Matt which is a shame as we got on really well in bootcamp.

"We’ve text Rebecca but she never texted back. Don’t know what the woman is doing!"

We're sure she's fine, girls!

The trio also spoke about this year's show - and revealed they reckon Simon Cowell and Cheryl Cole will be missed (poor Dannii!)

They said: "Tulisa will be great to watch. Hopefully she’ll give some people some mouth! But people will watch it just for them [the judges] She’s so opinionated. She’ll take over Simon’s role in a female way. It’s not going to be the same without Simon and Chezza though."

Belle Amie release their debut single 'Girls Up' on August 7.

> Belle Amie have recorded a single and made a video and here it is.

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