Cheryl Cole 'sent letter of apology' by the air stewardess who romped with Ashley

Cheryl Cole

The Virgin Atlantic air stewardess who got together with football star Ashley Cole while he was trying to win Cheryl back has sent her a letter of apology. 29-year-old Kerry Meades, who was with Ashley just days before he flew to the UK to woo back Cheryl, warned that he would "never change.

In the letter, sent via Reveal magazine, Kerry writes: "I want to start by saying that I'm sorry. Not for my actions — because I was a single girl and I thought Ashley was a single guy. But I'm sorry you've had to learn this way that Ashley isn’t' the changed man you thought he was.


"It's clear you love Ashley as you've taken this huge risk to take him back. I feel awful because he's let you down again.

"Ashley was meant to be trying to prove himself to you but he failed, I think it's clear he's not going to change."

But Kerry confessed she could see why Cheryl was set to take him back again. She continued: "I know just how charming he is. He's so funny, playful sweet and his childish sense of humour is really endearing.

"I also really fancied him as a person. He might be short but what he lacks in height he makes up for in personality."

In the letter, Kerry insists that Cheryl cut ties with the Chelsea star for good, saying: "He's calculating and knows exactly what he's doing. Whilst he was trying to win you back, he was with me — and that is just wrong.

"He's a liar and a cheat and you deserve better. "

She warned: "He's in a position where he can destroy you — and I really hope you don't let that happen."

The full letter and interview is out now in Reveal magazine.

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