Kelly Rowland promises she won't sugarcoat her comments on The X Factor

Kelly Rowland

New X Factor judge Kelly Rowland has promised not to sugarcoat her comments on this year's show. The former Destiny's Child singer said she was hoping to strike a nice balance between being nice and honest, but some singers made it hard for her be positive at all!

Kelly joins the show this year alongside N-Dubz star Contostavlos and Take That singer Gary Barlow. The trio join last year's only returning judge Louis Walsh on this year's show, which is set to become the biggest yet.

Speaking about her judging style this week, Kelly said: "I like to be honest, and I don’t like to sugarcoat anything, but I still like to be nice.


"I tell them whether I liked the audition or not, if I think they should get better and possibly come back … I just want to be honest with people, give them constructive criticism, and help them. I never want them to feel like I’m attacking them.

"But some people’s vocals are real hard to deal with, to be honest with you. Some people come in there catcalling and conjuring up the dead with some sounds! It’s really been a lot of fun and intriguing to see some people — its’ like, “You really came in here wanting to sing that song? Why?"

The 'What A Feeling' singer previously praised the judging style of former judges Cheryl Cole and Simon Cowell, saying: "That’s what I really like about watching Cheryl Cole. I feel like she’s very constructive as a judge.”

She added: “I think sometimes Simon [Cowell] is very honest. That’s what I like about watching him.”

Kelly makes her debut as X Factor judge next month when the show returns to ITV1 for an eighth series.

> Kelly Rowland hopes to replicate Cheryl Cole's "constructive" judging on The X Factor

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