Louis Walsh gives Cheryl and Ashley Cole 'his blessing'

Louis Walsh

X Factor judge Louis Walsh has given his 'blessing' to Cheryl Cole and Ashley, saying he always knew the pair would end up getting back together. Speaking to Close magazine this week, Louis added that he expected Ashley to change this time round.

Louis, the only returning judge from last year's show, said: "I always said they'd get back together.

"I saw a side most people didn't - when they were together and the cameras were turned off."

The 58-year-old Irish music mogul continued: "You could tell how much they loved each other. I honestly think Ashley will change this time for her and she will tame him. She just wants to be happy and in love."

However rumours are that Cheryl has given Ashley the boot for good after more relvaitons about his love life appeared in last week's papers.

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