Cher Lloyd album "one of the best pop albums of our generation".... says Syco exec!

Cher Lloyd

Now we certainly don't expect to see record label bosses saying their artists are rubbish, but we couldn't help by laugh when Syco exec Sonny Takhar described Cher Lloyd's debut album as "one of the best pop albums of our generation". Speaking to Music Week, he said the record had "global ambition".

Speaking about the former X Factor finalist's debut album and first single, 'Swagger Jagger', Syco Music MD, Takhar, said: "I have never worked a record which has polarised public opinion to such an extent.

"It is the most viral video – 4m views in three weeks – and there is an incredible amount of attention and anticipation on Cher, as with all great artists.


"It is unprecedented and this continues from what we saw on the show. She targeted a defined teenage audience as opposed to a mass audience. We have absolutely no regrets on the choice of single. This is an ‘event’ record.”

While the video, at the time of writing, has more than 5 million viewers it seems as though few like the track, with almost 100,000 disliking the track on YouTube - more than twice the amount that like it.

However the Syco boss was confident the album would be a success when its released later this year.

“The album is one of the best pop albums of our generation," he said. "It represents the point of view of a 17-year-old girl. It’s not the album for a 40-year-old man. It has global ambition.”

Time will tell...

Check out the video for 'Swagger Jagger' - out July 31 - below...

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