Cheryl Cole thinks Ashley has "gone too far" after latest allegations!

Cheryl Cole

It seems as though Cheryl Cole was fine with Ashley's alleged flings with seven girls last year, and with him causing the pair to divorce, but his latest flings - which this time took place when the couple weren't even together - went "too far" according to the Geordie singer!

The People report today that the Geordie singer has finally decided to cut all ties with the Chelsea footballer following the latest round of allegations.

The Geordie singer found herself humiliated again when an air stewardess alleged that she and Ashley had fooled around together at the same time he was trying to win her back. Virgin Atlantic girl Kerry Meades told the Sunday Mirror last weekend she and Ashley were having fun just days before he jetted to the UK to win back Cheryl at her birthday.

Just a few days later a model claimed she had also bedded the England defender, revealing that he claimed he didn’t want to get back with Cheryl. US beauty Jessyca Rayanne told a pal: “I asked him about his wife – he said he wasn’t interested in getting back with her.”


Cheryl is quoted by the tabloid as saying: “I can’t believe this. He’s gone too far now. It just goes on and on and on.”

A source added to the newspaper: “Cheryl is clearly very mixed up over Ashley. Deep down she knows she shouldn’t be with him.

“How can she trust him when so many women keep coming out of the woodwork.

“That is why she has said it’s over. There’s only so much a girl can take.

“On the other hand, she obviously still loves him. She calls him special even after everything she has been through. And she seems happiest when he is in her life.”

So maybe it's not all over for Ashley after all?

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