Tulisa Contostavlos 'respects' Cheryl Cole, but doesn't want to be her!

Tulisa Contostavlos

Tulisa Contostavlos has insisted that she is "her own woman" as the debut of The X Factor 2011 nears. Writing on Twitter this evening, the new X Factor judge slammed reports suggesting she loved being compared to Cheryl Cole, saying she didn't want to be the Geordie singer!

We told earlier how Tulisa hinted she was more than happy to be compared to Cheryl Cole, with the N-Dubz singer saying: "Any comparison between us two is a compliment. We are both ­council flat girls. We have made it, having f*** all."

Using Twitter to respond to the report, Tulisa said of comparisons to the Girls Aloud star: "It doesn't bother me, she's a lovely girl and she's inspiring because we both came from nothing to something. Not feeling this title 'loves being compared'.


"I am my own woman, I do not want to be someone else and never could. I've got so much respect for Cheryl and I really like her, but I don't want to be her.

"As you know I will never change! No matter what position I'm in, I will always say my piece & will not play the quiet little angel that is expected in this celeb lala land, because believe it or not... I'm HUMAN! Thank you, my rant is over."

Tulisa also dismissed reports suggesting her and bandmate Fazer's relationship had broken down since filming for The X Factor began last month.

"As for the story about my relationship, I have never confirmed who I'm with and never will for this reason, because people start writing crap," the hip hop star wrote on the social networking website.

"But to sum it up, it's a load of rubbish, I have no relationship issues right now AT ALL!"

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