Cheryl and Ashley Cole reunion plans "over for good"!

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Any plans that Cheryl Cole had to take back cheating ex-hubbie Ashley Cole are reportedly "over for good". According to the Daily Star Sunday today, Cheryl was "fuming" after three girls came forward last week to claim they had been with the Footie star just days before he tried to win Cheryl back.

The Geordie singer found herself humiliated again last week when an air stewardess alleged that she and Ashley had fooled around together at the same time he was trying to win her back. Virgin Atlantic girl Kerry Meades told the Sunday Mirror last weekend she and Ashley were having fun just days before he jetted to the UK to win back Cheryl at her birthday

And a model claimed she had also bedded the England defender, revealing that he claimed he didn’t want to get back with Cheryl. US beauty Jessyca Rayanne told a pal: “I asked him about his wife – he said he wasn’t interested in getting back with her."


"Any reconciliation between Cheryl and Ashley is over for good," a source close to Cheryl said today. "Cheryl heard of the first scandal on Saturday night [last week] before it came out on Sunday and was naturally fuming.

“She sent Ash a text immediately telling him it was over. Cheryl didn’t want to speak to him and couldn’t handle having another confrontation so she messaged him instead."

The source added: "She made it clear that any chance of a reunion was over and told him to delete her number and never contact her again.”

The pair were reportedly set to re-marry, with Cheryl being touched by thoughtful presents sent to her by the Chelsea defender for what would've been their fifth anniversary together. But when it came down to it, it sounds as though Ashley didn't really care all that much.

“The biggest surprise was that Ashley didn’t even respond until Monday, by which time she had already found out about the second revelation," a pal blabbed. “Instead of begging for forgiveness, he told her he didn’t want her back anyway.

“Ashley didn’t even apologise for his latest flings but said he’d done nothing wrong as they weren’t ‘officially back together’."

Cheryl has insisted returned to her former X Factor boss Simon Cowell, who is now planning to launch her in the states.

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