X Factor 2011 auditionees caught stealing make and perfume backstage

Liverpool stage

Remember those secret backstage X Factor cameras we told you about last month? It seems they're working - catching every single moment of The X Factor 2011 - including some sneaky auditionees who have been stealing perfume and make up backstage before trying out for the judges!

According to The Sun, budding singers and their families have been caught by the secret 'spy cameras' - which include devices hidden behind two-way mirrors - pinching everything from cosmetics and perfume.

Now TV bosses are unsure whether to air the footage, or simply boot out the contestants from the competition completely!


A source told the newspaper this morning: "It has been really funny for the crew watching people slipping stuff into handbags. It's often the people you would least expect - the quieter folk.

"They seem to forget they're being filmed, although they've all been warned there are cameras behind the mirrors.

"The problem is, the scenes could play a part in the public vote when the live rounds come round. It looks like the footage will be left out but it might still end up on the spin-off show Xtra Factor."

We told last month how new X Factor bosses wanted to turn the show into a 'new Big Brother' with cameras following the contestants every step of their journey. We’re exposing everything,” a source said previously. “The contestants know they are being filmed at all times but by putting the cameras out of sight they might drop their guard.”

And it seems to have worked, with an X Factor spokesperson confirming that stock had gone missing, adding: "Contestants are filmed throughout the audition process, including while in make-up."

> The X Factor 2011 becomes 'access all areas' with spy cameras backstage!

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