Bristol bingo caller auditioning for The X Factor hopes to get Tulisa's number!

X Factor London Tulisa Contostavlos

A Bristol bingo caller who auditioned for The X Factor in Cardiff this year hoped to be calling Tulisa's number after hitting on the new judge! The youngster, who told the panel he worked a social club for a living, was left a little embarrassed however when Gary Barlow blasted his bingo skills!

Asked to demonstrate what he does for a living, 26-year-old Mitchell Webb shouted to the panel: "Two fat ladies... 88. 2 and 1... 21".

Unfortunately, Take That star Gary then revealed his secret talent. "I'm a big fan of bingo myself, and it's actually key of the door 21"

Undeterred by the minor setback, Mitchell continued on with his real task - not singing, but rather serenading new X Factor babe Tulisa Contostavlos.


"Can I just Tulisa, your looking gorgeous today," he flirted, "I'm singing and I'm looking for love... likewise?

He boasted: "I would compare myself to Robbie Williams and I think N-Dubz could do with a fourth member!" before launching into an original interpretation of Shaggy's song 'Angel'.

"There's good news and bad news," said Gary when delivering his verdict, "The good news is you've stopped singing. The bad news is you're not likely to even get a yes from Louis Walsh."

"Bit too much like Robbie for you, was it?" the cheeky hopeful replied.

"The only problem was the singing," said an ever-insightful Louis Walsh.

But what did Kelly, and more importantly Tulisa, think of Mitchell's efforts?

Meanwhile another auditionee sent packing from Cardiff by the judges had the audience revolting and chanting for her return to the stage. Our X Factor spies revealed: "The singer had the audience right behind her chanting to bring her back to the stage. Kelly seemed very concerned they may have let a good singer go."

The X Factor 2011 returns next month on ITV1.

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