Alan Carr's swipes at Cheryl and Ashley Cole on tonight's Chatty Man

Alan Carr

Cheeky Channel 4 chatty man Alan Carr pokes fun at the rumoured reunion between Cheryl and Ashley Cole on tonight's Chatty Man, joking about the alleged romps between Ashley and other women as he tried to win back Chezza last month.

Alan laughs: "Friends suggested Ashley tries therapy, but all Ashley said was: ‘How big are Therapy’s tits and can she keep a ­secret?’"

The Geordie singer found herself humiliated again earlier this week when an air stewardess alleged that she and Ashley had fooled around together at the same time he was trying to win back Cheryl Cole. Virgin Atlantic girl Kerry Meades told the Sunday Mirror she was even with Ashley when he brought lingerie for ex-Wife Cheryl’s birthday.


"When I first read the headline ‘Ashley in ­Virgin upper-class sex shame’ my first thought was: ‘Oh my God, he’s shagged Ann ­Widdecombe!'" comic Alan jokes in tonight's show. "The stewardess said he chatted her up in a pub by ­patting her bum with a glow-in-the-dark lightsaber.

"Either that or his over-worked penis has gone into meltdown."

Another two girls have also claimed to have romps with the Chelsea star, with US lingerie model Jessyca Rayanne claiming Ashley wasn't interested in getting back with Cheryl, she told a pal: "I asked him about his wife – he said he wasn’t interested in getting back with her."

"Cheryl is reported to have said: ‘I’m done, ­delete my number.'," Alan continued, "Which sounds more like what Ashley would have said moments ­after having sex with someone other than Cheryl."

Alan Carr: Chatty Man airs at 9:30PM tonight on Channel 4.

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