Simon Cowell nicknames catty Nicole and Paula 'Sylvester and Tom'

Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell has reportedly nick named new X Factor USA judges Nicole Scherzinger and Paula Abdul Sylvester the cat, and Tom from Tom and Jerry, despite insisting there was no rivalry between the pair. Speaking to US show Extra, Simon added he was nervous about not finding a star.

Asked how the new panel - in particular girls Nicole Scherzinger and Paula Abdul were getting along, Simon declared: "No rivalry whatsoever."

He added: "You know we've got names for them now -- Sylvester the cat, and Tom from Tom and Jerry. Sylvester's Nicole and Tom is Paula."


With the show becoming the most expensive reality series ever made, at around $3.5 million an episode, Simon is understandably nervous about finding a star.

"I mean, after all this effort, if you can't find a star then we're all mugs," Cowell said. "There are certain contestants, mostly girls, when they come out we call them D.O.A.s -- too young, too cute, too talented, literally dead on arrival!"

Meanwhile the music mogul revealed he was forced to back down after trying to force the annual World Series baseball championship to move dates - despite have been played for more than 100 years.

"I didn't realize that they were quite sort of fixed on their dates," Simon said.

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The first American series of The X Factor launches on FOX this September.

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