JLS have written more than 60 songs for their third album!


X Factor stars JLS have told Star magazine that they've been busy writing more than 60 tracks for their third album, due out later this year. The guys, who finished as runners up back in 2008, revealed they were able to try new sounds and music with their upcoming record.

"We've written 60 tracks and narrowed it down to 18. We haven't got a title yet," JLS star Marvin Humes, currently dating The Saturdays star Rochelle Wiseman, told the magazine.

"We've been working our arses off," Aston added.

Asked how they decided which tracks would make the album, Aston continued: "Some songs might be great but not 'us', plus, we all have our personal favourites."


JB said: "You have to negotiate, but we've all put in so much effort that whichever songs make it will be great".

Meanwhile Marvin said that the group have matured over the past three years since winning the show, and suggested their new record would showcase a different sound and style.

"We've tackled things on this new album that we wouldn't have been able to discuss on the first, he said. "We've gone through different stuff in our personal lives over the last year. We've been able to experiment and put it down on paper and turn it into songs."

And their thoughts on the new X Factor panel? Aston said: "Gary is apparently amazing and you've still got Louis there, so you're going to get the comedy factor."

JLS' new album, their third since taking part in the reality series, is set for release in November.

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