Alexandra Burke forced to move house over crazy fan stalker!

Alexandra Burke

Alexandra Burke has revealed she's been forced to move house after a crazy fan managed to get her address and bombarded her with scary fan mail. Speaking to Reveal, the former X Factor winner said she was "freaked out" by the letters.

"I don't know how but someone found my address and it scared me, so I'm moving. I just don't feel comfortable living there anymore," the 'Bad Boys' singer confessed. "Getting fan mail direct to my house was really freaky. You never know what can happen and I don’t want to be there now.

"It was a letter that said 'Hiya, I really want to know your hobbies and get to know you better. I hope you don't mind me sending this to your house, but can you sign these pictures and send them back?'. "

Alex added: "I got super-duper freaked out."

And it's not just Alex who's being pestered by an obsessive fan, it was reported earlier this month that Dannii Minogue had been freaked out by a fan who had managed to get her phone number.

A source said: “She was completely freaked out because a woman had her mobile number and email address and wouldn’t leave her alone. Authorities were called in. Dannii takes her security seriously and wasn’t going to stand for it.”

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