Joe McElderry says he and Cheryl Cole still "good friends"


Joe McElderry has revealed that he and former mentor Cheryl Cole are still in regularly contact with one another, saying they're good friends two years after the series ended. Speaking to the BBC, Joe explained how Chezza still mentors him and gives him advice.

Joe said: "She's in America at the minute, she text me when was in [Popstar to Operastar] and I'll no doubt speak to her when she gets back. We speak regularly.

"It's nice, she was always like a mentor. When I first came out of the show I was like a rabbit in the headlights and she's always good for a bit of advice," he said.

Joe added: "We're good friends."


The news will be a blow to last year's contestants Cher and Katie, who have both complained about not hearing from the Girls Aloud singer since the show ended. Cher had previously raged: "Cheryl hasn’t been in touch at all. She is more interested in becoming famous in the States. I’ve been left high and dry. I thought we were mates.”

While Katie said: "Call me controversial, but she's doing her thing. She's an artist herself, she had her Christmas break and I don't expect anything from her."

Joe previously revealed that he and Simon Cowell parted ways "on a good note" after the music mogul dropped him from the Syco music label.

"No one was to blame. It was kind of expected," he said. "I was only contracted for one album and it didn't work out how I'd hoped. The second single didn't work out either, which was disappointing.

He added: "We had a nice chat. I think highly of him and I'm thankful for my chance."

Joe however has fallen on his feet and will release a new album with Decca Records next month.

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