Good news girls! One Direction say they're up for dating their fans!

Liam Payne - 1 Direction

In news that we're sure will get thousands of young One Direction fans screaming, the band's Louis Tomlinson has confessed to being up for dating a fan! Speaking to new publication We Love Pop magazine, the boys added that they loved the attention fans gave them!

"Some fans will do anything," Liam told the magazine, "Like, you're not allowed in some buildings because of security, but one time this girl just ran in and grabbed me. That shook me up a bit. But our fans are really friendly. Zayn's often quiet when we run into fans through as he's shy."

Zayn, currently dating fellow X Factor finalist Rebecca Ferguson, added: "Obviously it's faltering and they say you get used to the attention, but I haven't yet. I try to go out with a hat on or my glasses on but I still get recognised."


"There are so many committed fans who have queued up for hours to see us and you start to recognise them all," Louis said.

Harry meanwhile echoed his band mates comments, saying: "Yeah, it's nice ot have that as you know that they really care about us."

Asked if they would date their fans, Louis replied: "Yeah, I don't see why not!"

Meanwhile Harry revealed they were told to pretend they were single when on The X Factor. "On the show we weren't supposed to have girlfriends, but we were so focused on what we were doing it didn't matter," he said.

The group are set to release their debut single later this year, Zayn said: "It’s a relief because we were looking for a first single for quite a long time."

Read One Direction's full interview in We Love Pop magazine, out now.

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