Cher Lloyd on her relationship with 'Uncle Simon' and her crush on Mr. Bean

Cher Lloyd

X Factor finalist Cher Lloyd has revealed she's been getting on great with Simon Cowell, describing her new mentor as 'Uncle Simon'. Speaking to Bliss magazine this month, the 17-year-old also admitted to having a bizarre crush on Mr. Bean.

The self-confessed brat admitted: "I've got a crush on Mr Bean. But not the actual actor, the character.

"If I could have a boyfriend like that for one day I think I'd be very, very happy, because he doesn't speak, does he? He's like [puts on a Mr Bean voice] 'Teddy, teddy.'"


"I've got his name in one of my songs. It goes, 'Please don't say a thing, Mr Bean.' It's great isn't it? I bet you're really excited!"

And we thought the lyrics of Swagger Jagger couldn't be outdone.

Meanwhile Cher also spoke about her new mentor Simon Cowell, who signed her to his label after last year's show.

"We have a really good relationship — it's a truthful one," Cher said. "If there's anything that he doesn't feel will benefit me or lead me in the right direction, he'll give me advice, which is the whole reason I went to the show — for his advice.

She added: "To see whether I was good enough. He's like an uncle. Uncle Si! Yeah, I do text him. I never put kisses though! Always a smiley face."

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