Ashley Cole makes Cheryl sick! (But she still wants to get back with him)

Cheryl Cole

According to Star magazine, the thought of Ashley Cole still makes Cheryl feel sick - but she still wants to get back with him! Sources close to the newly reunited couple suggest that despite still feeling hurt by Ashley's actions, Cheryl has been "touched" by his recent attempts to win her back.

"Ashley is pulling out all the stops to get her back for good. He sent roses on what would have been their fifth wedding anniversary, and told her he will stop at nothing to marry her again," a source close to the new couple revealed this week

The insider continued: "Cheryl was touched, and she does want to be with Ashley, but the memories of his cheating haven't gone away. Thoughts of it still plague her. She says what he did still makes her feel sick to her stomach, and that's what holds her back."

However it sounds as though Derek Hough isn't best pleased with the moves Ashley is trying to pull.

"Derek kept reminding her how Ash broke her heart. He told her she'd be crazy to go back to him," the source added.

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