Third girl claims she 'romped with Ashley' as he tried to get back with Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole

A third girl has come forward today to claim she had a fling with Ashley Cole at the same time he was trying to win back ex-wife Cheryl Cole. Personal fitness trainer and model Collette McBarron told The Sun today she was dating the Chelsea footie star.

Former 'Miss Ireland' contestant told the newspaper that, from what she saw, Ashley wasn't that interested in getting back with Cheryl. She said: "Without saying too much I could guarantee that he probably isn't, unless I'm hearing fibs."

The Geordie singer found herself humiliated again yesterday when another model claimed she had bedded the England defender, saying that he didn't want to get back with Cheryl. US beauty Jessyca Rayanne told a pal: “I asked him about his wife – he said he wasn’t interested in getting back with her. He was just telling me what I wanted to hear.”

A friend of Cheryl’s told the Daily Star yesterday that the Girls Aloud singer was feeling “tremendously let down” by Ashley’s antics, which included buying Cheryl intimate birthday gifts whilst sleeping with another girl. The pal added: “He’ll never change – he just cannot keep it in his trousers.”

On Sunday an air stewardess alleged that she and Ashley had fooled around together at the same time he was trying to win back Cheryl Cole. Virgin Atlantic girl Kerry Meades told the Sunday Mirror at the weekend she and Ashley were having fun just days before he jetted to the UK to win back Cheryl at her birthday.

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