Alexandra Burke would snog JLS star Aston and marry Simon Cowell!

Alexandra Burke

X Factor star Alexandra Burke has joked she'd snog JLS star Aston, marry Simon Cowell and shun Prince William in a game of Snog, Marry, Avoid. Speaking to Reveal magazine this week, Alex added she wouldn't be buying a pack of JLS' condoms anytime soon!

Asked about the former X Factor runners up new venture into contraception for their teenage fans, Alex said: "No, no and no! No Way! I support them, but I'm not getting a guy to wear... no. It would feel weird, they're like my brothers!"

Deciding who to Snog, Marry and Avoid between Prince William, JLS singer Aston and X Factor boss Simon Cowell, Alex replied: "I'd avoid Prince William because he's married, I'd snog Aston and marry Mr. Cowell. I could hold down a marriage with Mr. Cowell but not actually be part of the marriage, just say 'I do' although it means nothing.


"And I'd snog Aston because he's a hottie."

And the 'Bad Boys' singer also confessed to no longer being scared of the music mogul, explaining: "He's a softie at heart. I don't even care if he has his shirt unbuttoned down to his belly button and lets it all hang out. He's an awesome guy.

"I'm not scared of anyone anymore."

Revealing her celeb crush to the glossy mag, Alex said: "Shia LaBeouf. I love him. He's an awesome actor and he's really hot - that's all you really need in a man." One out of two ain't bad...

The full interview is available in this week's Reveal magazine.

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