Oh no! Is Gary Barlow about to QUIT The X Factor already!?

Liverpool Gary Barlow

The X Factor 2011 hasn't even made it to screens yet, but it sounds as though Gary Barlow could well be on the verge of quitting the series after struggling with the tough workload. The new X Factor judge is currently on tour with Take That and is finding it hard flying back and forth across Europe.

Last week the singer found himself jetting off from Italy to Liverpool for the final X Factor auditions, before flying to Denmark the day after to continue the tour.

"Gary is like a man on the edge," a source revealed. "He seems overworked and tired and is increasingly snappy. He's missing family and has been really short with Tulisa and Kelly at times."


We told last week how an angry Gary Barlow ranted at one duo on the show, raging: "What the hell was that? Are you serious? Surely you can’t be taking this seriously?" and in auditions in London he kicked out one hopeful.

And even fellow new judges Kelly Rowland and Tulisa Contostavlos aren't immune from Gary's mood swings.

"He got annoyed by the girls' giggling and kept calling one contestant Dan, even though his name was John," the source continued. "None of the other judges pulled him up on it in case he had a go at them. They're walking on egg shells around him."

An insider on the take that tour revealed: "Gary has given 110% every night but he's exhausted. Gary was rushing to and from auditions and rehearsals, it was the busiest time of his life and he had hardly any sleep."

But when Simon Cowell returned to The X Factor in London last week, the songwriter stayed quiet about the problems.

"Gary just told Simon he was a bit tired and shrugged off concerns," the source told Closer! this week. "But when the show goes live, things will continue to be tough.

"The filming schedule's full on and the media interest goes through the roof, which adds to the pressure."

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