Flirting and a 'chav off', what Cheryl and Kimberley really got up to on their girls get away!

Cheryl Cole Kimberley Walsh Chim

Cheryl Cole and Kimberley Walsh spent their "girls getaway" in LA earlier this month partying, flirting and having a 'chav off', it has been claimed. As well as an 'emotional' visit to Derek Hough, the couple spent their trip wearing short dresses and acting as if they were on a hen do!

"Cheryl and Kimberley were having a ball, partying every night," a source told Closer magazine this week. "Cheryl was showing Kimberley her phone and they were both giggling maniacally.

"They were flirting and acting as if they were on a hen do. They were even joking about the length of their miniskirts and having a 'chav off'."


The source continued: "After one of the worst periods of her life, she's smiling for the first time in ages. The X Factor took over her life - now she's in the studio - making the music she loves, saying 'This is where I want to be'."

But despite her fun getaway and plans for new music, it sounds as though the Geordie singer is set to settle down with Ashley.

"She is talking babies and the future with Ash," a source said about the broody Girls Aloud star. "Victoria Beckham's invited her to meet [hew baby] Harper and Cheryl knows it'll make her want a baby even more."

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