Ashley Cole told lingerie model he wasn't interested in getting back with Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole

Ashley Cole reportedly told a US lingerie model he wasn't interested in getting back with Cheryl Cole, just days before jetting back to the UK to reunite with Chezza at her birthday party. According to The Sun, Ashley begged the model for nude pics after saying insisting him and Cheryl were over.

The Geordie singer found herself humiliated again on Sunday when an air stewardess alleged that she and Ashley had fooled around together at the same time he was trying to win back Cheryl Cole. Virgin Atlantic girl Kerry Meades told the Sunday Mirror she was even with Ashley when he brought lingerie for ex-Wife Cheryl’s birthday.

Now American model Jessyca Rayanne has claimed how Ashley had begged her for sexy nude photos.

She told a pal: "I asked him about his wife - he said he wasn't interested in getting back with her. He was just telling me what I wanted to hear."

Jessyca's best friend told the tabloid: "Jessyca and Ashley were flirting the whole time. You could clearly see he was interested in her so we left them alone.

"Ashley wanted to get into the hot-tub with Jessyca. They were in there a few hours, playing around and kissing. Then they went off to his room and we didn't see them again."

Destiny said: "When he asked for the photo, she went off him. She realised he wasn't the nice guy he was making out to be."

The meeting happened days before Ashley came to the UK in a bid to woo Cheryl back. A pal of the Geordie singer said: "Everyone thought Ashley would hurt her again - but not so soon."

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