"Devastated" Cheryl Cole moves into her £3 million 'lovenest' alone!

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Cheryl Cole is reportedly set to move into her new £3 million LA pad alone, following claims ex-husband Ashley was having flings whilst trying to get her back. According to today's Daily Star, Cheryl has been "devastated" by the tabloid reports.

A friend of Cheryl's told the newspaper the Girls Aloud singer was feeling "tremendously let down" by Ashley’s antics, which included buying Cheryl intimate birthday gifts whilst sleeping with another girl. The pal added: "He’ll never change – he just cannot keep it in his trousers."

Geordie Cheryl had planned on moving to the states with Ashley and brought her £3 million 'lovenest' in the hopes of starting a fresh in America. An estate agent who said: "Cheryl has great taste. She is moving into the most prestigious address in LA."


A pal told the paper: “She knows how much Ashley loves Los Angeles and thought it would be brilliant to have a place he could come and stay with her.

“She even thought he might be tempted to join David Beckham at LA Galaxy. But once again she has been let down badly by him, just as her friends and family warned her he would. Cheryl is feeling a bit foolish as she thought Ashley had changed.”

The friend continued: "She fancies chilling out in her new place for a while. She wants to take some time out and has no work lined up for at least six months."

Cheryl is currently in LA recording music for her third studio album, due out later this year.

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