Louis Walsh says Rebecca Ferguson should've beaten Matt Cardle in last year's final!

Rebecca Ferguson

In a dig at last year's X Factor winner Matt Cardle, X Factor judge Louis Walsh has said that Liverpool lass Rebecca Ferguson should have won the series. Speaking as this year's auditions concluded in the city last week, Louis praised the "talented but normal" singer.

24-year-old Rebecca finished as runner up on last year's show, which was won by Essex lad Matt and his cap.

Louis said: "I love Rebecca Ferguson, she had it all, she was like Sade. She was so talented but so normal and also so nice."

He added: "I loved her, I thought she should've won"


Rebecca was signed up by Epic Records and is set to release a debut album later this year. Speaking about the record earlier this year, Rebecca said: "The album for me is just a really heartfelt album. I am writing a lot of the music, I want it to be a really powerful album for women that they can just play and feel inspired."

Meanwhile Louis said he enjoyed the stay in Liverpool - comparing it to Dublin! "There's been a lot of big bands from Liverpool in the past, it's our first time being in Liverpool with The X Factor, I think it's like being in Dublin.

"All we need are 3 or 4 great people, we've got to get somebody good from Liverpool - look at all the talent over the years - I think the next star could be in Liverpool.

"It just takes one great person."

The X Factor returns to TV next month on ITV1.

Let's remind ourselves why Rebecca is amazing:

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