X Factor warm up act Ian Royce blasted by whinging audience members

X Factor London crowd

The X Factor's warm up act Ian Royce has been blasted for his 'crude' jokes by some audience members of this year's auditions. The standup, who has been part of the show since the first series, is said to have 'sickened' some of the crowd with his gags.

According to Sunday tabloid The People, Ian's apparent foul and offensive comments "stunned" audience members.

And just how many members of the some 7,000 fans at Liverpool's Echo Arena complained?


Prudish Helen McMahon moaned to the tabloid: “I’m with my 16-year-old daughter and this isn’t what I want her to hear. Date rape isn’t a joking matter.”

While Lauren McHugh tweeted: “You’re not that funny.”


We've been entertained by Roycey for the past 3 years following the show and can't help but find such comments utterly ridiculous. Instead of complaining, we've composed a list of our Top 10 favourite Ian Royce jokes from this year's show.

1) Telling Kelly Rowland: "Me and you, you know it’s going to happen. It’s only a question of time – and horse tranquiliser."

2) "That guy on the stage is Ken, The X Factor's photographer, every picture you see of The X Factor, it's Ken who's taken the pictures... We don't call him Kev, we call him Kev the perv."

3) (ranting about producers removing water from the judges' desk) "Well I just can't believe they left the bloody water there, will someone fire that executive producer! It's Saturday night, it's 8'o'clock, it starts right here and some twat left the water on the desk!! SWITCH OVER TO STRICTLY COME DANCING!!"

4) "Kelly... some scouser with a tag on his ankle wants your number"

5) (to random audience member) "Oh my gosh you're pregnant... you are, aren't you? Or is this one of those horrible moments where my career ends? And it was 9 months since you met Gary?"

6) (to Kelly's make up assistant) "How do you get that job? I want to be the one touching up... Kelly's lips… wait, let's no go there..."

7) "This is our executive producer Mark Sidaway... and he's single... sorry girls, you're barking up the wrong tree. You're not even in the right forest."

8) "Why are you taking a picture of me? You're going to get home and people are going to ask 'Who is that?' and you are going to say 'Err... I dunno... but he was a good shag'"

9) "Can you put the banners down please, I know you've gone to a lot of effort but... well, they're crap."

10) (to executive producer Beth Hart) - “She’s down on her knees and I bet that’s not the first time.”

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