Ashley Cole 'had secret flings' while trying to get Cheryl Cole back!

Cheryl Cole

Ashley Cole has been up to no good again, reportedly sleeping around while he was trying to win back ex-wife Cheryl! According to the Daily Mail, at least three girls are set to sell their stories to the tabloids about recent secret liaisons with the footie star.

One girl - a 29-year-old Virgin Atlantic air hostess - claims she spent the night with Ashley only weeks ago, whilst the England footballer was busy on convincing Cheryl to get back together, including attending her birthday party.

A source close to the air hostess told the newspaper today: "She was with Ashley a few times, the most recent was just a couple of weeks ago. Cheryl’s at her most vulnerable, and Ashley sees an opportunity to get her back."

Another friend added: "She had no idea Ashley was in the process of getting back with Cheryl and was horrified when she found out. She would never have gone near him had she known. She feels really bad for Cheryl."

Publicist Max Clifford explained: "In recent weeks, three girls have been in touch with me claiming to have had recent relationships with Ashley Cole. They will be coming to see me and I’ll see if there is any evidence to back up these allegations."


However a representative for Ashley said: "My client was not in a relationship at this time."

Black Eyed Peas star Fergie previously suggested that Cheryl had no choice but to get divorced from Ashley - despite not wanting to.

She told Closer magazine this week: She continued: “It’s easy for people to say she’s crazy for taking him back but life isn’t as simple as that. If love is still there and she truly believes he’s changed then she should go for it if that’s what she wants.

“It doesn’t matter what her family, friends, or her management team say, it’s her life and her decision.”

Fergie added: “She really loved him and didn’t want to get divorced, she just felt like she had no choice."

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