Cheryl Cole 'heading for showdown' with "love-rival" Kayla Collins over Ashley

Cheryl Cole

Former X Factor judge Cheryl Cole is reportedly facing a showdown with apparent "love-rival" Kayla Collins over the Geordie singer's ex husband Ashley Cole. According to The Sun, Kayla wants to know the situation between Ashley and Cheryl.

Playboy model Kayla, who appeared in the last series of I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, had a fling with the Chelsea footballer earlier this year after he and Cheryl split.

The newspaper suggests that Kayla wants to confront Cheryl and ask her: "Tell me the truth about you and him."

The report claims that Kayla and Ashley were still together and "getting on great" until Ashley turned up at Cheryl's birthday party last month. A source told the tabloid: "Kayla is confused and angry about the situation and wants to talk everything through with Cheryl.


"She wants to know where she stands. And she wants it from the horse's mouth, not by trying to work out what is happening through gossip columns.

"She is keen to look her in the eye and find out the truth. It's all a bit of a mess."

Desperate Kayla even flew all the way to LA to "track Cheryl down" The source added: "She tried to fix a meeting with Cheryl but couldn't find her."

However Kayla herself this morning dismissed the reports, writing on Twitter: "The story in The Sun is ridiculous. I wish Ashley & Cheryl nothing but the best."

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