Cheryl Cole and Ashley 'trying for a baby' in a bid to make their relationship stronger

Cheryl Cole

Former couple Ashley and Cheryl Cole have reportedly agreed to start trying for a baby, in a desperate bid to make their new relationship stronger. The pair hope to have a family together by the time Girls Aloud Cheryl is 30 in two years’ time, sources close to the couple have suggested.

According to new! magazine, Cheryl’s former hubby Ashley is "desperate" for a child.

A source told the magazine this week: "Ash sees his team-mates with their kids and it has made him broody. He wants that for himself and Cheryl and feels it would strengthen their relationship and has agreed to start trying to soon."

Meanwhile a pal of Chezza's blabbed how she too wanted kids as soon as possible, even more so after her axe from the American X Factor.


"Cheryl realises how fickle her industry is and she now knows love and family is far more important," the friend told the magazine. "Kids are her No.1 priority. She knows her biological clock is ticking. She wants to be a mum before she's 30."

The pair have reportedly been spending "quality time together win secret, with a source revealing: "They have never been happier. Cheryl feels like her life is back together again.

However the mother-in-laws can't agree on whether the pair should get back together.

Sue, Ashley's mum, is for the reunion, with a source saying: "She realises how happy Cheryl makes Ashley and believes they are a good team." However Cheryl's mum Joan wasn’t convinced. The source said: "Joan doesn’t want her daughter to go through any more pain and has said to her, 'He'll do it again'. It's a lot of pressure on Cheryl and she's been in tears, but Cheryl can't live without Ashley.

But the newly reunited couple don't seem care - they're already planning their marriage (again).

"Ashley says it'll be like they're renewing their vows as he has never accept their divorce and has always called Cheryl his wife," an insider commented. "It'll be a quite, private wedding, with few family and friends."

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