Louis Walsh makes at dig at former X Factor judge Dannii Minogue during final auditions!

Louis Walsh

X Factor judge Louis Walsh couldn't but have a little dig former panellist and pal Dannii Minogue at the final auditions in Liverpool last night. Louis made the seemingly joking comments about Dannii's talents and success compared to sister Kylie during the audition of 33-year-old Ritchie.

The London based singer was previously a Butlins redcoat and confessed to being a huge fan of Kylie, "but I'm not obsessed," he insisted.

"I am a huge Kylie Minogue fan... I've followed her from neighbours to being a popstar. She's amazing, she is incredible, she changes her music and style," he told the judges, even revealing: "I even have a tattoo of Kylie on my back!"

And Ritchie was more than happy to take off his shirt to prove it, although Louis Walsh wasn't convinced, saying: "It looks more like a little Tina Turner"


Still, at least it's not a little Lenny Henry.

Louis went on to probe Ritchie about his Kylie fandom, also asking: "And what do you think of Dannii?"

A long pause filled with "ummm... well... errr... mmmmm" was the response. Clearly not a huge fan of the Aussie star and former X Factor judge - but neither was Louis! "I agree!" he told Ritchie.

The huge Kylie fan went on to sing Take That's 'Relight My Fire' for the panel, with Gary Barlow saying: "It took me back to a rain holiday in Blackpool that did."

If only Kylie was on the panel...

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