Cheryl Cole "humiliated" after being edited out of The X Factor USA

Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole has reportedly been "humiliated" after Simon Cowell's 'world preview' of The X Factor USA showed how the Girls Aloud star had been completely edited out of the new show. According to the Daily Mirror today, the plan is to make US viewers believe Nicole Scherzinger was always a judge on the show.

Cheryl was originally asked as a panellist on the American version of the hit UK reality series back in May after just four audition shows. Replaced by then co-host Nicole Scherzinger, Cheryl was brought out of her £1.5 million contract by programme makers FOX.

Yesterday X Factor boss Simon Cowell revealed his 'world premiere preview' of the new show, which features the music mogul having a 'nightmare' before entering a ridiculously over the top promo for the series, due to launch in the states on September 21.


28-year-old Cheryl Cole however has been completed edited out of the clip and the plan is to have US viewers believe Nicole was always a judge, with Cheryl only a "guest judge" for a handful of auditions.

A source told the newspaper today: “This really is a slap in the face for Cheryl. It shows that bosses are keen to forget about her ever being on the panel."

Speaking to the tabloid, the insider continued: “If she does feature it will be a blink-and-you-miss-it feature. Most Americans will believe Nicole was always a judge.”

> VIDEO: Watch The X Factor USA 'World Premiere Preview'

Cheryl however doesn't seem to be that concerned about her supposed "humiliation", busy relaxing at a posh spa as part of "girls getaway" in Los Angeles.

A source blabbed to the paper: “She wants to be a new woman when she gets back to London.”

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