Cheryl Cole is back with Ashley - and she doesn't care what her friends think!

Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole has reportedly said that she doesn't care if her nearest and dearest desert her if she returns to ex-husband Ashley Cole. According to Star magazine this week, close pals - including her manager and best friend Kimberley Walsh - are "disgusted" that the Chelsea star has won Cheryl back.

A source said that ex-boyfriend warned her: "I spent a year mending your heart and now you want to go back to the man who broke it."

However Cheryl told pals she wants a fresh start - and a baby - with Ashley.

"Cheryl will not be told what to do," a source told the magazine. "She knows her own mind, and says if her friends won't back her decision, then so be it. She says it's a fact of life that relationships must come before friendship.


"Everyone she cares about has told her it will be a disaster if she gets back with Ashley. But she says her friends should either back her, or back off."


Cheryl herself said: "I've stopped listening to other people. Take it or leave it. I don't care."

But her Girls Aloud band mates are looking set to keep making their opinions about the situation clear. "The girls made it clear they weren't interested. Later [at Cheryl's birthday party], Nicola said goodbye to everyone and purposely skipped Ashley. It was obvious."

Yesterday Cheryl's close friend and Black Eyed Peas star, Fergie claimed that Cheryl had no choice in getting divorced from Ashley, adding that she didn't want to split from the England footballer last year.

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