Kooky Kitty dubbed as a 'new Katie Waissel' at X Factor auditions

Katie Waissel

A kooky singer called Kitty has been dubbed a "new Katie Waissel" after she turned up for The X Factor auditions in London last week. The wacky blonde already has her very own blog and merchandise shops selling everything from teddy bears to mousemats.

According to The Sun, the products - which also include T-shirts and mugs - all carry her picture and motto: "God Sees Inner Beauty."

Speak to the panel in London, eccentric Kitty told the panel how her passion for singing started "since she could talk" but has had "a lot of knockbacks" during her life. She said: "I have had a lot of nos in my life and I want to give this a shot."

"I am so happy for you to be knocked down and build yourself right up," Kelly Rowland told her, while Gary Barlow added: "Your voice is amazing. That was a great audition and the audience loved it."

However the youngster just couldn't keep quiet as the audience told her to "shhh" following a speech about how blessed she was to be auditioning.


Tulisa Contostavlos said: "You remind me of Katie Waissel. You have a very quirky personality," Louis Walsh cheekily added: "You do talk a lot."

Kelly however felt that Kitty had become overconfident during her try out, telling her:: "You need to remember the girl who went through all those nos."

A source told the newspaper: "Kitty was quite humble when she came on and everyone felt sorry for her but then she blew it.

"The audience willed her to stop talking but she just kept going. You could tell the judges were thinking they would have their hands full with her."

The X Factor 2011 auditions conclude tomorrow in Liverpool.

Watch Kitty below and tell us what you think...

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