The Wanted reckon Cher Lloyd could be a younger version of Jessie J

Cher Lloyd

Boy group The Wanted have slammed Cher Lloyd's debut single Swagger Jagger, but suggested that the youngster could become a younger version of Jessie J (who is only 23 herself!). Speaking to MTV, the five-piece added that the 17-year-old should do well in the charts.

Cher's track Swagger Jagger will be released for download on July 31 with a second single and album following later on in the autumn.

Speaking about the song, which has been panned by most fans anc critics alike, The Wanted's Tom Parker - who was rejected by The X Factor in 2009 - said: "I don’t like it. It’s like a nursery rhyme.”

Jay McGuiness added: “I think if she had come out at the right time it could have been great, but Jessie J’s done what she’s kind of doing but properly, like a great voice and great stage presence.

“Just because Jessie’s done it organically I think that people who like that sort of thing have got it from her. A lot of X Factor fans will definitely want to hear Cher, so I’m sure she’ll do well.”

Nathan Sykes however was more positive, saying: “She could be like a younger version of Jessie J. I haven’t heard the single so I don’t know much about it, but I think that’s where they’re taking her, like a younger version. A kiddy version.”

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