Kym Marsh, Kerry Katona and Sinitta all give us their thoughts on Cheryl Cole's love life

Kym Marsh

Kym Marsh and Kerry Katona have both helpfully told us all what they think about Cheryl Cole's possibly reunion with Ashley Cole. In their weekly columns, Kym said she reckoned Cheryl "could do much better", while Kerry wrote that Cheryl would lose a lot of respect by returning to her love rat ex.

"I really like Cheryl Cole," Kym wrote in new! magazine this week. "She's done well for herself, so good on her. But when it comes to whether she should or shouldn't take Ashley back, it's no ones business but her own."

Sounds fair enough. But this is Kym Marsh, we know she can't help but give her thoughts anyway.

"I think Ashley has publicly humiliated her on many occasions," she continued, "And I think she should could do much better, but that's not for me to say. It's up to her, not us, to decide whether she can forgive him.

"If Ashley has convinced her he's turned over a new leaf and wants to make it up to her, th3en good luck to them."


Kerry Katona meanwhile gave her opinion on Cheryl's love life to Now magazine, saying: "After everything she has gone through with The X Factor, she is clearly running back to what she feels comfortable with. I hope for Cheryl’s sake it works out, but she’s going to lose a lot of respect."

Reality star Kerry added: "Don’t get me wrong, I would like to fall in love again but I would never get back with an ex. If it didn’t work out the first time, why go back for seconds?"

We think Kerry would never know whether or not she would take an ex back…most of them run a marathon distance to escape her the first chance they get! Brian McFadden moved to Australia to get away from the crazy mum of four!

Finally X Factor blabbermouth Sinitta also gave her views, telling Star magazine: "They obviously love each other so much and to have gone through what they have gone through and to be back together just shows that true love conquers all."

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