Geneva Lane of Belle Amie fame reveals her debut solo single 'Karma'

The X Factor

Belle Amie, for those that don't remember (i.e. most of you), were that less than brilliant girl group who were formed at bootcamp on last year's X Factor. At the time there were four of them - Geneva Lane, Sophia Wardman, Esther Campbell and Rebecca Creighton - however in January, Geneva went solo and today she's revealed her debut single.

Geneva left Belle Amie earlier this year, annoucing her decision on twitter, but it wasn't an amicable split. In fact, Sophia was still moaning about it all 6 months on, saying recently: "[Geneva] still seems to be adamant that she didn’t leave off her own back but she did. We’ve tried to just get on with it but she’s been a little bit bitchy but I think that might be because she’s a little bit jealous."

Ignoring all that drama for the time being, Geneva has gone it alone and is releasing her debut single 'Karma' independently after this year. Here is it s and it's not totally awful. Some might even describe it as 'good'.

See? Not awful.

Unfortunately Geneva is looking to ruin all her hard work after she promised us all "a hot new edit with a guest rapper". OH WELL.

The obligatory question is how does it compare to her ex-band mates offering? The remaining trio of Bell Amie have managed to bag themselves a record deal and have already revealed their debut single and video called 'Girls Up'. Watch Belle Amie's 'Girls Up' video here and tell us how you think their track compares to Geneva's!

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