Ashley Cole has been painting Cheryl's nails and doing her ironing!

Cheryl Cole

Blimey, Ashley Cole really does seem to want his ex-wife Cheryl Cole back! According to heat magazine this week, Ashley has been chasing around behind Cheryl doing everything for her from making cups of teas to her ironing, and - get this - painting her nails!

A source close to Ashley told the glossy magazine: "Don't always feel sorry for Cheryl. In Ashley, she's met her match.

"Ashley is always considered the devil, but in their inner circle he's not seen that way at all. Cheryl has played her part, too. It's not all one-sided in any relationship. Cheryl's career made Ashley feel like she didn't have time for him."

Meanwhile a 'teammate' of the Chelsea and England footballer spilled the beans about how Ashley has been trying to win back Cheryl by doing everything he can for her - no matter how little.


"Ash compliments her all the time, which is a big thing for her, as she's not particular confident. But it's the little things that Cheryl loves. It sounds weird, but Ash paints her nails, and gets her midnight snacks of toast. When she wants tea, Ash jumps up to make it. She likes smoking in the bath, so he'll bring her an ashtray.

"She's been through a rough time and needs looking after."

However Cheryl's Girls Aloud co-stars - including Nicola Roberts and Kimberley Walsh - aren't too keen on what's going on between the pair. According to a member of the "girls' inner circle", the pair "can't forget" what Ashley did to her which has led to awkward moments at recent get-togethers.

One pal recalled: "They don't seem to be impressed. They kept their distance and appeared to find hard to interact with Ashley. They've seen how much he's hurt Cheryl and, out of everyone who knows Cheryl, they just can't forget or pretend nothing’s happened."


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