Cheryl Cole having "cloak and dagger trysts" with ex-boyfriend Derek Hough

Cheryl Cole

So much for that girls only holiday, it seems as though Cheryl Cole's been spending her time in LA hooking up with her ex Derek Hough. The Girls Aloud singer, who jetted out to the states with pal Kimberley Walsh, has reportedly been having "cloak and dagger trysts" with the dancer over the past week.

Derek has been sneaking into Chezza's £1,300-a-night hotel room for romantic rendezvous in the same location that the pair originally hit it off last year.

“Derek drove to her hotel both times in the same Audi sports car which Cheryl bought him for his last birthday," a source told the Daily Mirror today. “The second time, he tried to hide beneath a hoodie upon entering the hotel but
ended up using the main entrance which wasn’t very discreet.

“Derek left about 90 minutes later, smiling from ear to ear. It’s clear that he and Cheryl have patched up whatever differences they may have had.


“He later joined Cheryl and Kimberley Walsh at sushi place Roku, and the trio were laughing and giggling the entire time.

“Derek kept ruffling Cheryl’s hair and poking her dimples – it was cute to watch.”

The pair were dating late last year after Cheryl's divorce from love-rat Ashley, but the couple split earlier this year following her axe from the US X Factor. Since then there have been rumours that Cheryl has been getting back with her old ex-Ashley Cole!

It's all rather messy, but right now it seems that Derek has managed to win Cheryl back.

*insert obligatory Fight For This Love lyric pun here*


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