Cher Lloyd pelted with water during her T4 On The Beach performance!

Cher Lloyd

It wasn't just yellow confetti Cher Lloyd found raining down on herself as she performed at T4 On The Beach at the weekend, with press reports suggesting the youngster had water thrown over her by irate music fans. According to the Metro, the 17-year-old failed to impress fans at the beachside festival.

Performing debut single Swagger Jaffer for the first time, it seemed as though not everyone enjoyed her barely live vocals as the singer was apparently pelted with water, in scenes cut from T4's broadcast of the performance.

The footage was screened on Channel 4 on a delay, with some critics claiming that editors had also cut out boos from the audience. "Apparently she was booed but they edited it to make it sound like everybody was cheering!" a user wrote on one internet forum.


Forum member Old.Tallen added: "Overpowering backing track and out of sync with the dancers behind her. No performance at all, she just stood there and shuffled around a bit."

Meanwhile other and took to Twitter to write about apparent 'water bombs' being chucked at the pint-size pop princess. BethanyBrucex said: "Did anyonelse see Cher Lloyd get water thrown at her on T4 On The Beach? Hahaa [sic]"

Kate_edwards0 added: "brothers back from T4 on the beach, said it was class, apparently someone threw water at cher lloyd hahahahahha obviously they won't show it."

Swagger Jagger is released on July 31, with a debut album to follow in the autumn.

Watch Cher's performance below...

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