Gary Barlow kicks Michael Lewis out of The X Factor auditions as he returns!

Gary Barlow

You may remember the name Michael Lewis from last year's X Factor show, he was the odd ball singer who performed for the panel as Michael Jackson before being booed off of the stage. Well this year he's back, but things didn't go much better - with Gary Barlow kicking him out, TellyMix can reveal.

Returning to the London auditions on Friday last week, Michael came without any gimmicks and told the judges: "There was a lot of negativity last year but it's taught me to just be myself now."

Michael belted out a lees than note perfect rendition of Geri Halliwell's Look At Me, but his dance moves and gyrating actions had the whole audition going with the whole panel up their feet. "There's so much positivity in the room this year," he said.

Judges Gary Barlow, Tulisa Contostavlos, Kelly Rowland and Louis Walsh however weren't impressed, and when Michael hit back at the panel for criticising him - the audience got on their side!


"See if you can keep your mouth shut for one minute," Gary Barlow blasted Michael as he continued to dig himself a deeper whole.

Failing to get a single yes from the panel however Michael refused to leave the stage, first sitting down on the X in the centre before lying on his back as the audience booed him.

"You're all so two faced it's unreal," Michael shouted at the now booing crowd.

A source told us: "Security were edging their way to stage as the crowd chanted to get him off, it was getting pretty tense."

After a few minutes sat on stage head judge Gary Barlow got up and moved the hopeless auditionee along, passing him his coat before pulling him up off the floor and giving him a less than subtle push towards the stage exit.

"It was nice to meet you," the Take That singer told him.