JLS forced to deny they stole lyrics from Jennifer Lopez!


Boy group JLS have been forced to deny that they stole lyrics from US star Jennifer Lopez after claims that their new single 'She Makes Me Wanna' "rips off" J.Lo's hit 'On The Floor'. The suggests came after it was revealed both tracks feature the unusual line "L.A. to Africa".

Despite both songs being produced by the same star - Red One - JLS singer Aston Merrygold insisted the similarity was entirely coincidental.

He said: "It's so funny, basically, we came up with it ourselves, because they never use Africa in songs, so we did it, then it happened that Redone said, 'well - I've already used that lyric!'"

The track - released on July 24 - will feature US star Dev and band member Marvin said he was excited to have her on the song.

"We wanted a female rapper, and Dev was suggested," he explained, "She is very, very hot right now, so, it made sense for us to get her in really.

"She has totally blown up in the States right now, she has just done a song with Kanye West, and obviously 'Like a G6' was massive last year. She is a massive, massive talent out there."

Watch JLS' track 'She Makes Me Wanna' below...

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