Tulisa Contostavlos insists she'll never touch drugs again after using as a teenager

Tulisa Contostavlos

N-Dubz star and new X Factor judge is set out to clean up her bad girl image, insisting she'll never be touching drugs again. The singer revealed to the Sunday Mirror how she became paranoid and suffered from panic attacks when using as a teenager.

The youngster - who is only 22 now - confessed to smoking weed when she was just fourteen, being completely open about her usage as a youngster.

Tulisa told the newspaper: “Drugs affect everyone in ­different ways. You never know how drugs will affect you.


“I used to have panic attacks and get very paranoid because I smoked lots of weed when I was younger. I was at a festival with one of my friends who was smoking a spliff. We were ­watching a band when she ­ended up convulsing standing up because she’d also been ­drinking alcohol. I was ­terrified and had to call an ambulance for her."

But it wasn't quite her friend's suffering that causeed Tulisa to cut her ties to drugs, rather a spiritual reading from the supernatural - after she cheekily snuck into a fairground!

Tulisa explained: "Id saw a fortune teller who told me never to touch drugs because I’m the type of person who will always have a very bad reaction to them.

“I stopped and I’ve never touched anything else since and never will."

Despite being clean however the reality babe confessed that her previous usage of illegal substances still haunted her to this day. “I’m now terrified that when I am out in clubs someone will spike my drink and I’ll end up having a heart attack,” she added.

Tulisa joined The X Factor this year alongside Gary Barlow and Louis Walsh. The trio join Louis Walsh on a new look panel set to debut on ITV1 next month.

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