Derek Hough doesn't want Cheryl Cole to reunite her ex Ashley

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Cheryl Cole's former boyfriend Derek Hough is reportedly "furious" with her for planning to get back with ex-Ashley Cole, telling the Girls Aloud star: “Don’t get back with Ashley, you’re far too good for him.” The pair, together with Kimberley Walsh, are currently in LA where Cheryl has returned to film final scenes for The X Factor USA.

A friend of Derek's told the Sunday Mirror today: “He knows nothing is ever going to happen between Cheryl and him now and although he still has deep feelings for her, he has accepted their relationship is over. But he still cares for her as a friend and he is convinced Cheryl getting back with Ashley is going to end one way... with Cheryl in tears and heartbroken.

“He told her, ‘You are twice the person he is and you deserve so much more. I spent a year mending your heart and now you want to go back to the man who broke it’.


“Surely you can remember how ­devastated you were after he cheated on you. Do you really want to put ­yourself through that again?

“A cheat will never change and ­whatever you think, he will betray you. If you ever felt anything for me then you’ll listen to my advice.

“If he breaks your heart again I will not be your shoulder to cry on.'”

Despite reports, Cheryl is reportedly in the US for a "girls only" trip. “Cheryl was in ­hiding for weeks after she was fired in May and felt she could really use a girly holiday. She chose LA because she wanted to exercise some demons," Derek's pal said.

“She was determined to show her US X Factor snub was not the end of the world and that she had moved on."

The source added: "The fact she had Kim there as moral support was a really fortunate development.”

Meanwhile it was reportedly last week that Cheryl will return to The X Factor as a fifth judge on this year's live shows. A source said: “There is a long-standing plan in place for Cheryl to return to the show in time for the live finals. There is a fifth guest judging role there – and Simon Cowell would love for her to take it.”

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