X Factor stylist Grace Woodward: Cheryl tried too hard to "fit in" on X Factor USA

Cheryl Cole

X Factor stylist Grace Woodward has revealed she thinks Cheryl Cole tried to too hard to "fit in" on The X Factor USA, changing her image even though she didn't need to. Speaking to What's On TV, the 'Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model' judge added she wasn't sure if she'd be returning to the series this year.

Grace joined last year's show as head stylist for the finalists, but found herself thrust into the limelight after reports of a relationship with eventual winner Matt Cardle and clashes with finalist Cher Lloyd.

Speaking about Cheryl Cole's look on The X Factor USA - which saw the Girls Aloud singer sport a huge bouffant hair style - Grace suggested she tried to fit in with the American stars.


"It's the same with all of us," she said. "If we go somewhere else, we want to fit in and to me, I think it looked like Cheryl was going, 'I'm going to do a big, bouncy Hollywood look' and actually I think that she was doing it anyway, she didn't really need to.

"But anybody would be nervous, transferring countries and into the biggest job potentially in the whole wide world. I think she's a very conscientious, hard-working girl and I think that she was just trying to fit in."

Meanwhile Grace revealed she didn't have any ideas whether Cheryl would be back on the show - because she didn't know whether she'd be returning herself either!

"I really, really have no idea. You know what - Simon and the whole X Factor team like to keep people on their toes and keep everyone guessing so who knows what will crop up," Grace teased.

She added: "I don't know if I'll be on it yet. I mean last time, I found out two weeks before we started."

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