Gary Barlow pays for a £100 taxi ride to take 70-year-old auditionee home!

Gary Barlow

Kind hearted X Factor judge Gary Barlow splashed the cash yesterday, paying for a £100 taxi ride to take one auditionee home after she performed for the judges yesterday. 70-year-old Ann Tunstall had travelled 70 miles from Brighton by public transport to try out for the show at London's O2 Arena.

Gary told Ann, who has previously made it to The X Factor bootcamp, at the venue yesterday: "My assistant is down there and I'm going to get you a cab to take you back to Brighton."

Performing The Hills Are Alive from The Sound Of Music at her audition on Friday, Ann told Louis: "I've danced for you before a long time ago."

Tulisa told her: "Ann, you are so cute. I wish you were my nan. I want to cuddle you."

Gary added: "I thought that was a very nice audition - but did you make a couple of words up?"

But 70-year-old Ann seemed a little disappointed by the new look panel, telling Kelly Rowland: "I miss Simon."

"You're the first person ever to say that," Louis quipped!

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